Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Breastfeeding Centre

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera :)

AlysaPunye ada gud news untuk semua bakal ibu dan ibu ibu dluar sana...semua barang keperluan untuk menyusu badan boleh dibeli dengan bayaran ansuran...sangat2 berbaloi baloi...

tiada interest dikenakan...harga sama seperti biasa, cume bezanya, selagi bayaran tidak dijelaskan dengan sempurna, selagi itu barang tidak akan dipos kepada anda...

jika ada sebarang pertanyaan, boleh terus PM pages AlysaPunye untuk keterangan lanjut...ataupon anda semua boleh WhatsApp ira di talian : 019-520 5540

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Breastfeeding complete set : Pakej 1

Pakej 1

Dengan hanya RM75 anda layak mendapat

- 1 box ice pack ( ada 3 keping ice pack, tahan sehingga 10 jam)
- 1 box storage bag ( ada 10 botol )
- 1 cooler bag ( boleh muat 6 biji botol n 3 keping ice pack, memudahkan ibu2 berkejaya)

FREE Delivery
FREE 5pc storage bag

boleh email : aienadhira@gmail.com
sms/whatsapp : 019-520 5540
pm fb pages : AlysaPunye

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Rumble Tuff - Duo Breastpump

Rumble Tuff - Duo Breastpump

Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump designed to focus on 7 Key Areas to address breastfeeding mother's pumping needs. 


Time is valuable to a breastfeeding working mother. Thus Rumble Tuff breast pump is designed with high efficiency vacuum and it is fine tuned to achieve a more effective vacuum power and time interval for both Stimulation and Expression cycle. 

Easy To Use 

Rumble Tuff Breast Pump functions control is simplified to less than 3 steps. Mother can control the functions easily. Besides, the memory function allow your to set your pumping pattern making your pumping session relaxing and enjoyable. 


This duo breast pump allows mother to control the vacuum power through the Vacuum Adjustment Wheel. Mother can tune it to the vacuum level the feel most comfortable. Furthermore, the Silicon Shield provides extra comfort if mother has engorgement or sensitive breast 


Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump itself without accessories is weight at 350grams (0.35kg). It comes with Manual-Pump Diaphragm kit allowing mother to convert into manual pumping in case of electricity power failure or other power options are absented. 

Lower Noise Level 

This breast pump has a lower Noise Level compare to some Major Brands at its same range and technology; without sacrificing the pumping efficiency.

Quality Assurance 

Rumble Tuff has more than 10 years of business experiences. They appreciate the trust customers place on their hand to benefit customers' precious baby. Rumble Tuff uses the best and safest materials to produce their breast pump and tested every breast pump before it leaves their factory. Rest Assured, the materials used are BPA-FREE. 

Choices Of Life 

Rumble Tuff understands that their customers come from all walk of life. Thus, the breast pump they designed ensure mothers are able to use it in different kind of environments such as working, traveling, shopping or at home. The breast pump size is small, weight is light, power options either AC adapter or AA Battery (4 x AA Batteries - Battery Not Included When Your Purchase); the choice is always yours. 

Items available in the breast pump box 

Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump Motor (~0.35kg) x 1 
Expression Collection (Breast Shield Set) x 2 
Manual Diaphragm (Convert To Manual Pump) x 1 
Bottle Adapter Kit x 2 
AC Adapter x 1 
Tubing with duo adapter x 1 
Valve And O-Ring x 2 
Non Woven Bag x 1 
Rumble Tuff User Manual x 1 


Retail Price : RM 569.00
Our Price : rm 500.00 (save rm69.00)

Monday, September 2, 2013


Promotion for breastfeeding set. Harga yang sangat berbaloi2...so jangan tunggu lama2. Promosi berakhir pada 16 September 2013.

Hanya dengan nilai rm56 ringgit anda akan mendapat

pakej 1 (jimat rm19)
- 1 box Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bottles (10 botol)
- 1 box Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags (25pc)
- 1 box Autumnz Reuseable Ice Gel (3pack)
- FREE extra 5pc Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags

pakej 2 (jimat rm19)
- 4 box Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags (100pc)
- 1 box Autumnz Reuseable Ice Gel (3pack)

pakej 3 (jimat rm22)
- 1 box Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bottles (10 botol)
- 3 box Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags (75pc)
- FREE extra 5pc Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags

Hanya dengan nilai rm111 ringgit anda akan mendapat

Pakej A (jimat rm29)
- 1 box Autumnz Reuseable Ice Gel (3pack)
- 2 box Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bottles (20 botol)
- 3 box Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags (75pc)
- FREE delivery
- FREE extra 10pc Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags

Pakej B (jimat rm19)
- 3 box Autumnz Breastmilk Storage Bottles (30 botol)
- 1 box Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags (25pc)
- FREE delivery
- FREE extra 15pc Autumnz Ziplock Storage Bags

jika berminat, sila PM pages alysapunye atau SMS/Whatsapp : 019-5205540 (ira)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello Kitty Xylophones

kelebihan Hello Kitty Xylophones
# anak-anak dapat mengenal warna
# ringan dan menarik perhatian anak-anak
# tahan lama kerana diperbuat daripada kayu
# boleh meningkatkan iQ anak-anak
# anak- anak akan berfikiran lebih kreatif
 # anak dapat menggunakan kemahiran motor2 halus
# dapat menguji IQ anak-anak
# menguji kretiviti dan kesabaran anak-anak
# anak2 lebih peka kepada bunyi

Price : RM30
pos : rm7 semenanjung
rm10 sabah serawak

jika anda berminat, boleh PM pages AlysaPunye or whatsapp ira : 019-520 5540

Dengan pembelian wooden toys yang berharga RM100 keatas akan layak mendapat wooden puzzle secara PERCUMA!!! WOW...anda jimat rm8...so apa tunggu lagi? Jom order sekarang jugak :) 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ELC Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy

 ELC Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy (Pink Rabbit Play Mat)

Price : RM105
pos : rm10

ELC Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy (Purple sheep Play Mat)

Price : RM115
pos : rm10

ELC Blossom Farm Sit Me Up Cosy (Red Cow Play Mat)

Price : RM105
pos : rm10

Material :
Velvet cloth (very soft fabric and comfortable)
Recommended Age :
Birth - 12 months
Dimension :
Height: 35.5 cm Width: 81 cm Depth: 89 cm
Weight : 3 kg gross

Packing box inclusive of :
2 units air filled pop up bumper, 1 unit fiber filling seat mat, 1 unit sofa cover, 4 units accessories/toys with rattle & squeakers.

Instruction manual included. 

Air pump is NOT included. 

Warning : Do not let your baby or child sleep in this product.

This product is machine washable

Monday, July 1, 2013



POSTAGE (< 500 GM):

Product Descriptions :-

A soft Lamaze friend for baby to grow with! High-quality velour fabric. Underside measures baby up to 24". Fun rattles, squeaks, crinkles and jingles with interesting textures to touch and chew. Plays "If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands" when the inchworm's head is hugged.

At over 60cm long your baby won't be able to stop cuddling this soft and colourful musical inchworm.Great tummy time toy.

Inchworm's belly features a measure in both inches and centimetres and his body has a variety of different textures.

Approximately 60cm long. Surface wash only.

Dimension: 24.00 " x 4.50 " x 2.75 " / 0.40 lbs 

Recommended Age: From Newborn and Above.